Techemet Metal Trading

Our History

Techemet Metal Trading LLC (TMT) is a full-service trade house, managing clients’ requirements in the precious metals markets.  TMT was incorporated in 2007 to provide an alternative trading experience for a variety of companies, outside of the normal banking world constraints. Our sister company, Techemet LP is one of the world’s largest and advanced auto catalyst recyclers and with this direct relationship, has allowed TMT to provide a truly boutique service for our PGM customer base. TMT also works directly with our global customer base to fulfill any gold and silver requirements they may have at multiple locations around the world.

Market Knowledge

Our team has decades of collective experience in the precious metals markets. We are active players in both the futures and the OTC markets. Techemet Metal Trading offers customers superior market intelligence and can offer customized and personalized client service.


Techemet Metal Trading provides customers the ability to trade spot, forwards and options. As a large-scale secondary producer, Techemet can supply rare earth PGM’s to customers on a consistent basis.


Our industry contacts include (but are not limited to) Producers / Refineries / Auto manufacturers / Auto parts fabricators / Chemical companies / Banks / Fabricators (physical) / Central Banks / Other Government Organizations / Trade houses / Investors / Electronics companies / Jewelers / Coin and physical dealers/ Indian and Chinese physical suppliers. The wide array of businesses we interact with across the globe gives Techemet valuable insight into our industry and the developments within.

Our Services

Why Techemet Metal Trading

Techemet’s experience and unique positioning within the physical precious metals market provides us valuable insight into the technical and fundamental developments in our markets.  Our ability to understand the precious metals markets have been commended by our customers, peers and competitors.

In addition, the amount of PGM’s (platinum group metals) that we supply to the market from our sister company (Techemet LP) is greater than many of the world’s platinum mining companies and gives us a rare ability to maintain a consistent supply of material to our customers, no matter the market conditions.

Below are some of the services we provide our customers.

Customer Hedging

Techemet offers a range of hedging structures to our customer base.  Utilizing spot, forwards, and options, we have tailored hedging structures for gold, silver and PGM customers around the globe.  Whether it is a producer looking at protecting cash flow, or an end user capitalizing on declining prices, we have the tools and expertise necessary to assist you with your requirements.

Supply Contracts

Techemet Metal Trading can provide monthly averaging contracts to our customers as a means of securing supply. This proves invaluable given the often volatile nature of the platinum group metals prices.

Offtake and Financing

Techemet is actively taking mining offtake from producers around the globe. Whether its pool account, physical material or dore financing we tailor our business to offer our customers exactly what they need when managing their mine production.

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