Our Team

Shaun Tamarozzi

Joined Standard Bank in 1997 and ultimately became its Senior Platinum Group Metals trader. After completing 7 years at Standard Bank, Shaun left to start up a Precious Metals Trading Desk at First New York Securities. In 2007 Shaun became a founding partner of Techemet Metal Trading.

Ashton Saunders

Ashton has been involved in the base and precious metals markets for over 26 years. His career began in London then moved to New York to set up Standard Bank’s regional operations team. In 2004 Ashton became Standard Bank’s Senior PGM trader and eventually left to start Techemet Metal Trading in 2007 as a founding partner.

Cliff Yu

Cliff worked for Mitsui for over 24 years and joined Techemet Trading in April 2016. His previous position with Mitsui was Chief Operating Officer and Global Head of Trading. Cliff is one of the prominent precious metals traders in the industry since he began his career in 1989.

Rishi Sawhney

Rishi started his career at AIG in operations, transitioning to Mitsui where he has held positions of Risk Manager, Trader, Marketer and finally SVP and Global Head of Marketing. After 15 successful years at Mitsui, Rishi has joined Techemet Trading in April 2016 to continue to develop its already successful franchise.

Jim Maloney

Jim has spent over 25 years in the precious metal industry, working for Prudential, Bank of America, Mitsui, and most recently, Mitsubishi. Jim joined Techemet in the Summer of 2021.

Brad Gillis

Brad has worked in various Credit, Risk and Compliance positions in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years.  His experience while working at Shell Oil, Phillips Petroleum and ENI Trading & Shipping has given him vast knowledge of energy commodity trading, which has transferred over to the precious metals industry.  Brad left the energy market in 2017 to become the Credit & Compliance Officer of Techemet Metal Trading, where he is active in developing the Credit and Compliance functions of the company.

Jake Smith

Jake joined Techemet full-time in the summer of 2019 following his graduation from Fordham University. His role began in operations and has developed to encompass day to day trading responsibilities.

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